by Deivito

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para Luna

Northbound is a novel incarnation of an old idea that came to me in 2001. The shape of this piece came to me more-or-less fully-formed, and my vision of it has remained constant throughout its years-long arc (perhaps its lack of instrumentation helped me preserve its original form over the years). And though it hasn't changed too much over the time it existed in my imagination, I've always found it daunting to actually get around to recording it.

But the leaf finally split the brick and the song got around to its singing. Only its lyrical scope, at the dawn of its long overdue recording, has expanded into a more universal reach. Where the earlier lyrics had specific things to say about more particular things those many years ago, the words that finally slow-dripped into what is now Northbound represent a greater distillation of the compass* I've fashioned out of my beliefs, ideas, and the inspiration of others for this here life of mine.

Which is to say that, as all of us sometimes do, I've sometimes felt I'd lost the East, but have duly reckoned and found my North again.

So on I sail sending this shanty, with much thanks, to all those crackling poets and griots who've lately oriented me back towards La Diosa.



PS: A thousand thanks to my friend Michael Aquino (for his critical feedback during the mixing process), to Hernan Faraci of Traveling in Stereo (who believed in the worth of this song from its conception), and to the Magana & Magana-Rooney Family for their love and support over the Christmas Holidays.

*"Grow out of your innermost selves
Never renounce your beliefs
Do not toil for recognition
But always do all you can
So that the field allotted to you
May prosper."

--- Leos Janacek



We been marching so slow

We been bodying forth

We been mending old bones

Which way be the North?

We been makings seeds grow

We been healing the beasts

We been cooking food slow

Which way be the East?

We been singing moon-songs

We been blessing the ground

We been humming along

Which way be the South?

We been sailing so far

We been floating on nests

We been seeking old stars

Which way be the West?



We been loving you slow,

We been feeding your soul

You just don't know

Which way be the North

We been loving you slow

We been sparking your soul

One day you shall know

Which way goes the crow.


released December 30, 2016
Vocals by Deivito.

Written, recorded, and mixed at Mamey Milkshake Co. by Deivis Garcia. Copyright 2016.

Pirate Bay artwork by the talented Noupload, by way of Pixabay; graphics layout by Deivis Garcia.



all rights reserved


Deivito Newark, New Jersey

Deivito (Day-Veeto) specializes in a blend of Spanglish Sea Shanties.

His sound, alternately in English or Spanish, mines Caribbean and campesino styles of the Americas - such as the Cuban Guaracha - ranging from Mexico to Cuba to Puerto Rico to Colombia and Bolivia.

He is also a member of Jersey City's United States of Boogaloo.
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